We have liftoff!

I finally got this website to the point where I feel good launching it. I have agonized for days about some of the smallest details, such as typeface, kerning, and the content of just about every phrase or sentence. Eventually, I remembered some advice that I heard years ago: “Done is better than perfect”. This quote spoke to me so much that I actually had it printed out and hung on the wall of my cubicle back in the C2G office building in Moraine.

You have probably heard variations of this quote too–“Don’t let perfect be the enemy of the good”, or “Real artists ship”, or similar sentiments. It might be the inner critic in me that looks at what I produce, starts finding flaws with it, and says, “Whoa, let’s put the brakes on before someone else sees it”. I often have to consciously overcome that nagging voice and move forward. We can always make improvements along the way, as we learn and grow. After all, that’s why we are using Windows 10 these days and not Windows 95.

Perfection is a rare achievement so we should be mindful of criticizing ourselves and others when it doesn’t happen. Whether as individuals, teams, or leaders remember that a more realistic goal is constant improvement and growth, not perfection.

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