The first step is always the hardest

2020 is a big year for me, personally and professionally. After years of consideration, deliberation, and soul-searching, I have decided to strike out on my own. I have left Legrand and started my own training and consulting business, Constant Consulting LLC.

I chose the company name purposefully. The ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus once said “the only constant in life is change”. I have used that quote in dozens of workshops over the past several years. Something about that saying has stuck with me, and even though my practice includes focus areas beyond change, I like the sound of it. It sings! (to quote that old John Wayne movie, The Green Berets).

The name also reminds me that I need to be constantly in motion. The metronomic comfort of a biweekly salary deposit is gone. Each day that I am not delivering in the classroom means working on finding new leads and prospects and converting them to clients. I must also stay abreast of business and socioeconomic trends, hone new skills, and develop new content. As I have said my goodbyes to former colleagues, I have hinted that this is both exciting and scary…hopefully the excitement will outweigh the scares over time.

I am choosing this new venture as part of a renewed growth mindset. I have been re-reading Carol Dweck’s book Mindset in order to remind myself to embrace learning, and that failure is an opportunity to learn, improve, and grow. I am sure I will make mistakes here in the early weeks and months. I will share some of these experiences with you, in the hopes that it helps the learning process. Wish me good luck in 2020!

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